A Texas Plastic injection molding and packaging company near Waco, Texas. A Plastic Manufacturing Company, Custom Molding Company.
Need parts made or something made out of plastic ?  Molding and Packaging !

Looking for injection molding Company ?  Injection Molding Texas  

         Injection molding and packaging company, custom injection molding, custom plastic injection mold design, custom packaging with direct shipping to your wholesale or retail customers.Located in McGregor, Tx, Central Texas.
     Plastic Molded Products Inc. was established along with Crow Packaging early in 2000. Although, we have been in business since 1980 in another related business. We started molding and packaging plastic products in the early part of 2000
Contact us: One stop for all of your prototypes, mold design, molding, packaging and shipping needs.

Plastic Molded Products Inc.
                                           110 N E First Street
                                                McGregor, Tx 76657
                                       254.840.3721   office
                                       254.840.4070   fax
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